iNoCs is a start-up based in Lausanne, Switzerland. iNoCs is a provider of on-chip interconnection technology for the semiconductor market, based on award-winning research led at Stanford University, USA, University of Bologna, Italy and EPFL, Switzerland.

With the advent of multicore systems, the on-chip interconnect has become the pulsating heart of today's designs. It is in charge of delivering large amounts of commands and data among cores with minimum latency, of synchronizing the system operation, of guaranteeing reliable communication. Unfortunately, over the years, the amount of effort required to design the on-chip interconnect has been scaling together with the number of components to link.

iNoCs is a supplier of Network-on-Chip IP and tools to overcome the increasing challenges of interconnect design. Thanks to its portfolio of solutions, iNoCs can provide a smooth, plug&play flow from application requirements to physical implementation. iNoCs technology saves power, improves performance, and keeps area at a minimum, while reducing design time and ensuring timing closure.

iNoCs is currently part of the NaNoC Project, a trans-European research effort on NoC design technologies supported by the European Union.

iNoCs acknowledges contributions by Canton Vaud, FIT, Venture Lab, Venture Kick.